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In our assortment you will always find:

educational toys for kids. They will help to study the shape, color, develop fine motor skills, and also cheer up the toddler. We have interesting mobiles, rattles, rodents, musical mats and other interesting toys for toddlers.
Toys for older children. They set more complex tasks for the crumbs, allow them to improve their existing skills even better, and gain new knowledge. For example, you can consider simple constructors, large puzzles, sorters, doll houses, role–playing games – kitchen, shop, others.
Toys for schoolchildren and teenagers. Each age has its own fun. There are interesting things in our assortment for almost adult children. For example, girls will not be left indifferent by sets of cosmetics and creativity. Boys will be pleased with designers, blasters, tracks, radio-controlled models.

Such a category as children’s toys is widely represented among the huge abundance of goods for children. Experienced parents and teachers know that the easiest form of development and learning for a baby is a game. Thus, it is easier to instill in the child the necessary skills and develop certain abilities. What are children’s toys Of course, the original purpose of the product is considered to be the knowledge of the world. Various kinds of trinkets act as a tool, a bridge between the outside world and the baby. Soft plush animals introduce representatives of the fauna, cars and tanks develop the character of a boy, dolls – give the baby an opportunity to feel feminine at a young age. The most important factor is considered to be the material from which the children’s toy is made. You need to understand that the consumable must be safe, not to cause harm in any manifestation. It is not recommended to purchase copies of natural fur for small children. They are more susceptible to allergies than others, and such a surface is practically a magnet for dust and other contaminants. Before you buy one of the offered varieties of products, you need to take a responsible approach to the selection of colors. Experienced moms know that coloring in some cases is dangerous to health and serves as a toxic chemical. Too bright colors usually contain toxins. A poisonous color is also not recommended for the reason that it is necessary to create the most realistic conditions for a baby at an early age. That is, it is better to make a choice in favor of a faded, but natural color. What are the First of all, it should be understood that toys for children are divided by age. For example, from a year to three, designers with small details or representatives of the product range made of leather are not recommended. Obviously, toy weapons will also be superfluous for such toddlers. Adults are already suitable for structurally complex variations, such as racing polygons or robots. Based on the reviews of experts, they are best suited for those who are already 10 years old or more. At this age, a person is already relatively conscious and the risk of damaging himself with small details is much lower. Also, all products are divided into several main types. The main criterion for separation is the purpose. The most popular in this regard are considered educational. These include puzzles and mosaics. Also in demand are special sets for creativity. Most of the components of these complete sets are organic. They develop fine motor skills and introduce the child to art. The price of such children’s toys is almost the most loyal. It is impossible not to note the active varieties. These include plot-role modifications. This is perhaps the widest product category. It includes a variety of imitations of medical or military accessories. Before choosing, you need to approach the subject responsibly so as not to injure the baby’s psyche. The model range is divided into boy and girl series. Sports cars are ideal for boys, dolls for girls. For parents who really want to shock their child, there are more unusual toys. These include special magic wands that can produce sound, and with the help of LEDs in some variations, even light. Also, such a youth product as spinners clearly stands out. However, there are certain limitations here too.

A puzzle is a difficult, unusual, and sometimes even paradoxical logical problem, which requires ingenuity to solve. It appeared in the times of ancient civilizations. In the course of archaeological excavations in China, scientists have discovered sets of plates designed to assemble geometric shapes of varying complexity. Checkers were found in ancient Egypt, and dice were found in the East. The modern assortment of puzzles amazes with its diversity. Today, many caring parents from the first years of life surround the baby with primitive educational toys, which over time become more complex and require ingenuity from the child to solve the tasks. They develop logical and imaginative thinking, spatial perception, imagination, memory, the ability to take a non-standard view of the situation.

What is a puzzle and what is it for?