Children's clothing and toys store

Children’s toys and games, if used correctly, become visual educational material for children. Ringing rattles teach babies to distinguish sounds. Mobile phones above the beds develop vision and introduce flowers.

The older the baby gets, the more attention he can pay to the world around him. And bright cubes, game centers, constructors and dolls become intermediaries between the world and the child.

We all know how important it is to surround a child with safe, high-quality things. This applies not only to food and clothing, but also toys. Cheap goods may contain toxic components, have small details, a pointed shape. All this can harm the health of crumbs.

Eminent manufacturers do not make mistakes, carefully refine every moment in the production of a particular model, use safe materials for the manufacture of their own products. Therefore, choosing a present for a crumb, it is worth buying educational games for children from proven brands. Moreover, we have original products at quite reasonable prices. We make sure that your shopping is profitable and certainly successful!

Toys can be bought in the store really for any age, taste, budget. And responsive consultants will be happy to help you decide on a choice, tell you about all the features of certain models. We make sure that shopping in our store gives you and the baby a lot of fun.

A lot of interesting things are waiting for you on the shelves of our store. Do not postpone shopping for later. Start choosing gifts right now

Knowing what children want, we create toys that will not gather dust on the shelf and will become loved for a long time. They are bright and safe, evoke positive emotions and do not bother the child.

Educational toys from the Russian manufacturer train the vision, touch and motor skills of kids. Fine motor skills stimulate the development of speech and intelligence.

Entertaining colorful puzzles and elegant magnetic figures will occupy the child, and you will be able to enjoy calm joyful moments. Our clients and partners keep coming back to us for new kits!

With the help of entertaining toys, kids develop physical and intellectual abilities:

Perhaps you will object, remembering the darkening silver. Indeed, a slow color change may occur, but there must be reasons for this:

Improper care, the use of aggressive mechanical cleaning methods that damage the surface.
A large proportion of impurities, which are other elements of the periodic table, are more susceptible to chemical effects.
Health problems — often changes in the color of jewelry — are a sure sign that some kind of malfunction has occurred in the work of the endocrine or excretory system.
Unfortunately, the manufacture of accessories without the use of a ligature (the metal involved in the alloy) is impossible. This is due to the fact that materials that are especially valued by jewelers and are characterized by high anti-corrosion properties are vulnerable to mechanical impact. They are soft — they bend easily, scratch, do not tolerate heavy loads on the gap.